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  • Tilly Artiest
28-Jun-2020, 07:14 AM UTC

  • Mitey Mouth

King Solomon and Queen of Sheba : He admires her intellect then notices her beauty

Religion & Philosophy > Miscellaneous
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Taxx Mann 28-Feb-2022, 04:09 AM UTC 1


Bartel Diks 23-Nov-2020, 00:11 AM UTC 2

Very nicely presented with respectful dialog.

Anak Pintar 28-Jun-2020, 22:25 PM UTC 3

I really enjoy the commentary here.

Mitey Mouth 28-Jun-2020, 17:33 PM UTC 4

The artwork is very elegant. I love how grand everything must have been back in those times. I sometimes wish we would return to that.

28-Jun-2020, 22:24 PM UTC

  • Anak Pintar

King Solomon and Queen of Sheba : A grand and majestic scene with a warm welcome

Religion & Philosophy > Miscellaneous
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Anak Pintar 28-Jun-2020, 22:26 PM UTC 1

I am the dialoger of this toon here and humbly give it my up vote as I truly enjoyed the experience. Thank you ScriptMyToon