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  • Gedachte Individuele
  • Tilly Artiest
04-Oct-2020, 18:35 PM UTC

  • Joe-Bob Praat'n van Veel-debeek

What Would Jesus Say or Do Today? : Compassion, perspective, and promise.. Oct 2, 2020

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Pierre LeChien 04-Oct-2020, 20:16 PM UTC 1

A tremendous promise awaits but we as believers must live our faith through our lives today.

Joe-Bob Praat'n van Veel-debeek 04-Oct-2020, 19:25 PM UTC 2

Pray for our president and family

Esteddy Taulkin 04-Oct-2020, 19:22 PM UTC 3

Hanging on to those promises in Revelation when it is complete.

Gedachte Individuele 04-Oct-2020, 19:21 PM UTC 4

Difficult to pray for those we disagree with, but it is the truth to do so.