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  • RK Eigenaar III
  • A-BO-D ThreeRole
28-Jun-2020, 20:39 PM UTC

  • Joe-Bob Praat'n van Veel-debeek

Wisdom and Compassion : They can relate to virtue of wisdom and compassion

Religion & Philosophy > Miscellaneous
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RK Eigenaar III 28-Jun-2020, 20:39 PM UTC 1

Wise words and dialog

28-Jun-2020, 20:53 PM UTC

  • Mitey Mouth

Wisdom and Compassion : Wishing they had experienced some in their lives

Religion & Philosophy > Miscellaneous
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Joe-Bob Praat'n van Veel-debeek 29-Jun-2020, 02:32 AM UTC 1

Same here.

Mitey Mouth 29-Jun-2020, 02:32 AM UTC 2

Same like the comment from Bartel below. Good message though, redo art.

Bartel Diks 29-Jun-2020, 02:30 AM UTC 3

Thumbs down only for the red box in first panel that forgot to be removed. Message is good though. I suggest doing art over and use same message, it's a good one.

RK Eigenaar III 28-Jun-2020, 20:54 PM UTC 4

Giving it a thumbs up as there is hope for his two friends. Kudos to the young man that cares and is reaching out.