Script My Toon® Launches New User Generated Comic Strip Cloud Platform To Inspire Visual Public Discourse And Thought Leadership Innovation

San Jose, Calif., May 15, 2019 - Bartel Diks, a veteran application architect in the IT sector, has announced development is underway of a groundbreaking user-generated software platform, Script My Toon®, that utilizes the comic strip paradigm to visually express differing viewpoints and opposing opinions in the modern age. The online community will connect artists, dialogers, writers, journalists, satirists and social commentators allowing them to upload original artwork and crowdsource original storylines or "speech bubbles" for each cartoon strip,

The novel approach will promote mutual creativity and thoughtful discourse in several categories, including politics, sport, romance, business, health and space exploration.

"Our mission is enabling artists to illustrate life experiences, thoughtful leadership, and events that is free of dialog allowing for writers to interpret the stories through their own words; and using the comic strip format, encouraging the expression of diverse ideas and human interactions through the collaboration of artists and writers," said Mr. Diks.

The idea was born from the real-life experience of his son, Brandon, who experienced an awkward moment of discomfort while on a date. His attempt to open the door as an expression of male chivalry instead became a contentious point for his female companion who countered that this was actually an example of male chauvinism.

Later discussions between the father and soon over how world views differ between men and woman morphed into ideas as to how to express contrasting opinions in a visual manner beyond just gender. After several months of brainstorming, the pair hit upon the idea of using user-generated comic strips to visually convey both FOR and AGAINST view points in the form of cartoons.

In a unique twist, the inventors saw an opportunity to allow brands to commission user-generated artwork from two role players in the system: artists and dialogers. These cartoon storylines can then be attached to articles, blogs, white papers and inside marketing campaigns, including Facebook ads and print campaigns.

Further innovative features are planned for Script My Toon®, including allowing the general public to view, share, comment and upvote on their favorite cartoons. Over time trending topics and items will help offer insights into the pulse and psyche of people, cities, states and nations.

In the first phase of deployment, the entire platform will be free to use. In future releases, the inventors plan to monetize the software and allow both artists and dialogers to profit from their creative work on display.

"We plan to partner with innovative brands and companies looking for exciting new ways to showcase customer stories using cartoons as the expression engine," said Mr. Diks.

"We are also currently exploring intellectual property protection for several areas of our cloud application. Our hope that one day Script My Toon will become the default meeting place for inquiring minds and people who wish to change the world."

About Script My Toon

Script My Toon® provides an efficient and direct pipeline of mutual creativity, thoughtful discourse, and economic opportunity between artists, dialogers/writers, and brand owners. It’s a cloud-based application that is constantly evolving to meet the public discourse requirements of people around the world who yearn for a way to express their ideas in an open, creative environment.

Contact: Bartel Diks, Founder

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